Saturday, January 29, 2011

BOO People who Pump Their Gas While the Car is Running

There are many kinds of idiots in this world today, some are bigger than others. In todays story, I am going to focus on those types of idiots. (the bigger ones) Last night as I was pumping my gas, I noticed a guy that pulled up to next to me in a black Suburban. As I watched him pump his gas, I saw that his car was still running. I have to say I was a little nervous that he was pumping his gas while his car was running. I am not sure if this guy understands the science of how cars and gasoline work, but I am sure if he knew he would not pump it while it was running. Needless to say that as I was drove away I looked back to see he and his car had erupted into a ginormous  fireball.
The End.
Moral of the story kids you should not pump gas while your car is running or while your are smoking, because you might just blow up. Side note: You should not smoke anyways because it is bad for you and you will get boo'd. That boo will be for a later day, watch for it.

(Okay the guy did not really blow up at the pump but he was sure asking for it)

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  1. Maybe he was trying to steal the gas and wanted to make a quick get away.