Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BOO people who dont wash

Today I boo people who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. It seems that every time I need to use a public restroom, I see at least one person who does not feel it necessary to wash their hands after they take care of business. I  reflect upon an experience I had a couple of years ago at the John Wayne airport, when I had to make a visit to their restrooms. As soon as I close the deal, I headed over to the sinks to wash up, as I was doing this I noticed the guy next to me was just going to leave without washing. I was thinking to myself how disgusting this was as he was walking out. No sooner did he walk out and the air port alarm went off announcing it was a TSA code 5 or something. They take it seriously at that air port, if you don't wash they sound the alarm on you. I think every place should do this to call out those who don't wash. It is unhealthy and straight up nasty. BOO all you who don't wash after you use the restroom!

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