Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOO Places that Smell Like a Moldy Wash Rag

Today I am booing places that stink, and when I say stink I mean they literally stink. Take this place for example, when you first walk in it smells like a old moldy wash cloth. The smell is so strong it will make your nose hairs curl right up. I have blurred the names to protect the innocent vendors involved, and they should be happy because I would not want to advertise and sell my goods in a place that smells like stale athletes foot. This place seriously smells. Boo stinky places!


  1. Man, I just hate stinky places. The other day I went to Subway and got me some eats, when I came out, I smelled like a dang relish tray. I had to go home and dump a bottle of Fabreeze on me just to get that smell away.