Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BOO People who can't Park

Today I am booing people who can't park and the people who think their ride is so nice they need two spots. Take this guy for example, he thinks that he is so special that his truck deserves two parking spots. Really!? It's not like you are driving a Dodge Viper. This is not take a parking spot get one free. Because of this person, I am not forced to park somewhere further out.

Now on to the next car, the borderline parker. This is a person that when they park they are either on the line or really close to it. In either case you are not going to want to park next to someone like this, because you will probably have a nice dent in your car when they open their door.

Boo people who can't park!


  1. For the borderline parker, to know why they parked that way you would have to see the car on the other side of them when they parked. Often I have to park just by the line because the person next to me is over the line.

  2. Dude! For real. Most businesses have a designated handicapped parking area. Places should start having a designated 'Douchebag Parking' area. It will be at the back of the lot and have huge spaces for these tools to park their douchewagons in.